Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ferraz De Vasconselos

I had an amazing oppertunity to visit Ferraz De Vasconselos yesterday which was my old area and where I passed about 7 months of my mission.  It was fun walking the same roads and visiting members.  There were two kids that I helped out and their faces were priceless when they opened the door.  We had a family home evening at night and it was amazing to hear the testimonies of some recent converts and how much they have grown in a short amount of time.  I honestly had such a great time and was really happy to be able to see all my friends.  A lot of times we do not understand the difference that we make in the lives of others.  Sometimes it may seem like nothing is happening but people are always watching us and that is why we need to be examples with everything that we do.  It is a blessing to be on a mission and serving the Lord.
Love Elder Visser

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